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Optimised sites see more traffic

Your site may look stunning but if no one can find it, it is unlikely to be a success.  Search engine optimisation is essential to help direct quality traffic to your website.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation for Wirral

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation takes time and effort.  Good groundwork is the key to success.  You can have an affordable small business SEO service.

SEO – The basics

It will help you understand the basics if we point out that you must optimise a web ‘page’ rather than a web ‘site’.  Each individual page of your website requires its own analysis and optimisation exercise.  Each page should cover a different topic or area of your business.  Well written, engaging content unique to each page is now a primary focus of effective SEO.

Getting it right

It’s no good optimising your pages to a phrase that isn’t being actively searched on, nor one with a poor number of clicks against huge competition.  We work with you to research the most appropriate key phrases for you and help you to choose one that works best. A well structured website makes life much easier for the Search Engine Spiders (bots/crawlers) to find the right information on each page within your website.  As well as making life easier on your human visitors, a good clear navigation system is vital to get your website ‘spidered’ properly.

The cost of getting it wrong

Often we see badly designed websites.  The visual appeal to human visitors is minimum, the layout is poor and the structure makes navigation and spidering difficult.  A well thought out web site with good structure appeals to both human and ‘spider’ visitors.  Looks aren’t everything, but they help!  Your web site needs to be a pleasant place to be for all your visitors.

The Flash/Animation Question

Although Google has improved through time it is still impossible for Google to effectively index a website made completely in flash.  Apple no longer support Flash so you might want to consider an alternative for your animation. Animation can be used sparingly to great effect but overdoing it will drive vistors away.  You would be better considering a video for your website.  We can put you in touch with some fabulous Videographers who charge realistic prices for small business.

Other Factors are off the page

But SEO isn’t just about your website itself.  You need to build up a good set of links to your website.  These should ideally be from websites which have a theme related to yours.  Having a link from a website that sells lavender while you sell mortgages isn’t the best idea.  Better to have a link from an estate agent.

SEO results

Your ideal position in any Search Engine will be to appear ‘above the fold’.  That is to be within the first 5 results so you can be seen without the need to scroll down.  Of course everybody would like to be number one. Being well placed for a single phrase for an individual page in Google and Yahoo will put you in a good position on all the major Search Engines. Getting that position and keeping it can be an expensive business.  Our SEO methodology means that we can offer a highly competitive service and create a plan that works with your budget and your time.

SEO Prices

We price each SEO job on an individual basis, as some will require far more work than others to get a decent ranking in Google. If you’d just like to know how well your website is then get a full, detailed analysis of your site for £250 (+VAT). For this you will get:

  • a full report on where you site currently ranks for some appropriate phrases
  • how well structured it is
  • what, if anything needs fixing (including spelling and grammatical errors).

You’ll also get suggestions for some appropriate key phrases for you to consider which will bring you targeted traffic. Plus instructions on how you can change your website in order to make it more effective, including suggestions on re-writing your text (copy).